Trying something new

Recently I have been stressing over and over about which path my life is taking. Now this is something many might be familiar with but I have always been an extremely relaxed person and stress simply does not characterize me. It all began following high school graduation and the coming of college. I had never done adequate research and was completely unprepared for what was to come. I had enrolled in college for the fall and as a result of my procrastination over what i would need to do for school I lost complete control of what was happening. I couldn’t afford the cost of school, had no minimal financial aid and had to withdraw from the fall semester. It has since been months and i have been working a rather typical teen job in a mall and have had quite some time to think, only to come to the conclusion that i still have no idea what i am doing. I have however have managed to make some tweaks to my otherwise catastrophic personality. I realized over the past few months that there is so much more to life than school and the environment at home. This is the same thing parents always say but i could just never listen. It’s something you have to experience yourself. I’ve realized that you can major in whatever you want and all of that knowledge could never be used again because of the limitations that life can bring. It is absolutely recommended to have a plan A, B, or even a plan C. but one should always plan for what cannot be planned. It’s key to be able to just ride what life throws at you and to try new things. As i finish typing this in about five minutes time, i am just content with having learned that one simple thing in the past months than having learned nothing at all and what i want more than ever is to slowly step outside of my comfort zone and to find away to stimulate learning. Part of me hopes this is never read, but part hopes that others who might feel the same way might feel better themselves knowing that those feelings of discomfort and stress are matched and exceeded by others, at least for the next few months until i hopefully enroll into the spring semester and find new things to worry about.



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